To spark interest and further engage their community my team and I at Kettle created a Pulp & Film Noir inspired photo & motion series revolving around the days and life of a debonair detective, known as the 649 Chronicles. The star being the 649 product line, one of Persol's originals, placed in timeless yet modern scenes. 

I was involved every step of this campaign, from the initial concepts, talent selection, prop styling, on-set art direction through post-production and launch. View more on Persol's social networks.

14_Shot 8_9649_black.jpg
18_Shot 11_7649_Group.jpg
03_Shot 2_8649_Group_closeUp.jpg
05_Shot 3_649_Group_CloseUp1.jpg
02_Shot 3_649_Group_b.jpg
10_Shot 5_6649_Siena_b.jpg