Selected works: 2015 - 2018

Dan Ashley is an interactive designer & art director based in New York City.

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story of female empowerment in sports that bridges the gap between professional athletes and the everyday champions who #CantStop



Luxury Brand Partners

e-commerce beauty & style experiences, site designs, packaging and branding



Redesigning an aquarium's online identity to bring educational experiences sprinkled with wonder & meaningful joy


The Year of you - Ticketmaster

finding ways to connect to a diverse user base in a sharable, memorable & interactive way

pairing natural retreats with architectural masterminds to create one vision in the blue mountains


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Hi, I specialize in creative art direction across web design, photo & video, user experience, and interactive design. I have experience working with teams large and small, taking on projects of all varieties and categories ranging from social media strategy, e-commerce platforms, b2b interfaces, hospitality brands, education, fashion, beauty, politics, and user-generated content based platforms.

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